This is probably the best home made tart. Chocolate ganache is selfmade and I can swear that nobody makes better salted caramel than I do :)In the middle of these two ingredients I put banana for a little freshness.Around this beauty is crunchy cookie.


200gr butter cookies
350gr unsalted butter (for cookie dough, for caramel and ganache,all together)
150gr dark chocolate
2st bananas
200ml cream
150gr white sugar
Salt after taste
Berries for decorating


Use regular tart pan, 25cm diameter
1. Smash cookies into powder (I use smoothie blender)
2. Microwave 150gr of butter
3. Mix butter together with smashed cookies (make sure that cookies stick in pieces, if not, need more butter)
3. Press cookie dough in tart pan, put in owen, 200t, for 15min (bakes from both sides, after,take it out, let it cool down, no owen needed anymore)
4. Salted caramel - 150gr white granulated sugar, put in a small pot, on low melt it, stir it with silicone spoon, you have to split all the pieces,when its melted and starts to get brown, put 100gr of butter, let it melt, then 100ml cream, let it start to boil slowly, stirr it, boil till it sticks to the spoon but still is runny(butter makes it thicker, if you see need for thicker caramel, put little more butter), put salt on taste. You should feel the saltness but not too much.
5. Let it cool a little, then pour it in cookie dought in tart pan. Not too much, just so you dont see the bottom.
6. Cut the bananas as you wish, even can make a puree. Lay them on the caramel.
7. Chocolate ganache - melt chocolate in bowl ower pot of hot water, put 100gr of butter (not melted, let it melt in chocolate)
Stirr till melted, then 100ml of cream. Stirr till its nice and shiny.
8. Pour it over tart, so the top is covered.
9. Let it stat in the fridge for at least 2h.
10. Decorate with berries :)

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